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Flex Wheels
Double-reinforced bonded abrasive, Flex Wheels combine the heavy stock removal of depressed center wheels with the control characteristics of resin fibre discs. Under grinding conditions Flex benefits include: heat build-up that provides a degree of flexibility for more contact with work-piece; decreased vibration for less operator fatigue and greater control; edges that are not likely to gouge the work-piece; and light weight for operation on all regular portable angle grinders.

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120 80 60 46 36

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AC-Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Oxide Gen Purpose

Grits Available: 120, 80, 60, 46, 36,
WA-Aluminum Oxide
Aluminum Oxide Stainless

Grits Available: 120, 80, 60, 46, 36,
CC-Silicon Carbide
Silicon Carbide for Masonry & Titanium

Grits Available: 120, 80, 60, 46, 36,, a Maverick Abrasives Company     1891 E Miraloma Ave     Placentia, CA 92870